Florida Named Second Most Expensive States for Car Insurance – NBC 6 South Florida

Florida Named Second Most Expensive States for Car Insurance – NBC 6 South Florida

A newly released analysis by Bankrate says Florida is the second-most expensive state in the nation for full coverage car insurance.

The report says in 2021, car insurance rates in Florida averaged about $2,364 annually for full coverage, compared to the national average of $1,674 per year. This amounts to nearly $700 more for coverage in the state of Florida.

Cutting down on how much you pay each year for car insurance coverage is one way to save some cash.

Michael Barry, the Chief Communications Officer of the Insurance Information Institute, says you should ask about discounts. For instance, a good credit score can help you save.

You could also get a discount for not driving as much during the pandemic

“If it has fallen below 8,000, if we’re talking 7,000 maybe, 7,500 miles a year, oftentimes you are entitled to a low mileage discount,” Barry said.

Your premium also goes down if you take a defensive driving course, which you can take online. There is even a good student discount.

“Defensive driving is usually worth doing because it will stay in effect for three years, and you’ll often times see an upwards of 10 percent decrease, maybe, even more, depending on your insurer,” Barry said.

Barry says now almost every major insurer offers consumers the option of using telematics to gauge their driving.

“These sensors are able to detect the time of day that you’re driving, and whether you’re a hard-breaker — which is oftentimes a sign that you’re maybe more likely to get into an accident,” Barry said.

You can also consider whether it’s worth keeping collision coverage, which pays repairs or replacement costs up to the car’s cash value.

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