UPDATE – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia: Gay People Without Health Insurance, SCREW EM!

UPDATE - GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia: Gay People Without Health Insurance, SCREW EM!

“At the end of the day, we don’t think gay Americans should have to rely on a benevolent corporation or government to provide a plan that meets their needs. We want a system where individuals and couples can make their own health-care decisions. Health-care needs are too important to be left to the discriminatory whims of a third party. When the left does identity politics, they simply craft special policies that benefit particular groups. We’re about explaining how limited government and policies that treat everyone equally might benefit some people in unique ways.” –  HonoCon-man and GOProud president Jimmy LaSalvia, in the Wall Street Journal. (WTF is up with the Wall Street Journal?)

C’mon LaSalvia when you say ” MIGHT benefit SOME people in UNIQUE ways” what you mean it will benefit you and your wallet.

Someone needs to point out to Mr. LaSalvia that its much more hateful to want to deny lifesaving HIV drugs to members of our community who can’t afford them and be part of a movement that wants to revok a health care plan that could potentially save hundreds of thousand of American lives a year without a better plan to replace it.

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