Unfair Settlement Tactics By An Insurance Company? File a Complaint

Insurance Companies

Every state has an agency that oversees the insurance industry. And each of these agencies has a consumer complaint division that occasionally gets involved when a policyholder is having trouble with an insurer. Intervention by the state agency is rare when it comes to individual insurance claims.  You can file a claim when an insurance company refused to make any offer at all, or when an insurance company has provided false or misleading information, or engaged in pressure tactics or other conduct you believe is unethical and just try to get you to give up and go away. This type of conduct happens every day, that is how insurance companies make huge profits, they get your premiums every month when to have a claim they try to pay you as little as possible or even not at all. Filing complaints with the insurance rarely helps the situation.

I Hate Insurance Companies was created to help get paid when they have a claim, there is a solution to this problem.

Wouldn’t you like to know that solution before you ever have to file a claim?

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