Offended viewers accuse John Lewis of ‘sexism, and gender ideology’ in new home insurance advert | Daily Mail Online

Offended viewers accuse John Lewis of 'sexism, and gender ideology' in new home insurance advert | Daily Mail Online

Now woke deed goes unpunished: John Lewis is accused of of ‘sexism, gender ideology and neatly repackaging patriarchy in glitter and rainbows’… after home insurance ad of boy dancing in his mother’s clothes

Social media users have taken offense at John Lewis’s latest television advert which shows a little boy messing up his house – accusing the high street giant of ‘sexism, misogyny and gender ideology.’

The new advert, named ‘Let Life Happen’, premiered during the Great British Bake Off on Monday.

It begins by showing a young boy in a messy bedroom filled with clothes and jewelry that has been dumped on the floor.

The boy, who is wearing a dress over and large necklace over a t-shirt, then proceeds to fling a pair of heeled shoes at a lamp and low-hanging light before running downstairs.

The boy smudges paint on his face from a pallete he dropped onto the floor while dancing around the house

The advert begins by showing a messy bedroom covered in dumped clothes and jewelry, before the boy appears in a dress over a t-shirt

Twitter users have accused the retail giants of sexism after the boy caused carnage throughout the house

Twitter users said the advert showed a child ‘imitating heightened and sexualised “feminine” postures and gestures’

But the retailer was last night accused of, ‘sexism, agenda pushing, appropriating trans culture and sexualising children’ by Twitter users.

One user said: ‘The John Lewis advert of a young boy being the centre of attention for trashing everything while his sister obediently sits and paints in a corner is sexism encapsulated in sixty seconds.’ 

Another added: ‘The pouting and gestures are entirely reminiscent of sexualised imagery of women across adverts/music videos etc.

‘They aren’t what children automatically do when they’re just dancing and expressing themselves.’ 

The advert also shows the boy picking up an umbrella and hurling it at an ornament while Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen plays in the background.

Dancing and posing throughout, the spectacled boy then throws paint on the floor and, with his fingertips covered, then rubs it over his cheeks.

The boy smashes photo frames as he makes his way downstairs to continue the carnage shown throughout the advert

John Lewis has been hit with allegations of sexism, gender ideology and patriarchy following the release of the advert on Monday

A glass of liquid is spilled onto a kitchen surface and laptop as the boy makes his way through to a dining room, where the advert concludes with him throwing glitter

The boy then spins and sways his way into the kitchen, leaving painted handprints on the way and knocking over a glass of liquid before throwing glitter around the room while standing on top of a dining room table.

The advert, marketing John Lewis home insurance, concludes with the boy jumping on a sofa looking towards the camera while another lamp is seen falling to the floor behind him.

However, John Lewis been hit with allegations of sexism, agenda pushing, appropriating trans culture and sexualising children. 

The retail giants were also accused of encouraging male entitlement and patriarchy due to a young girl and older adult woman appearing to do little to stop the chaos. 

Another Twitter user said: ‘Opinions on the John Lewis home insurance “Let life happen” advert? I saw sexualisation of a male child imitating OTT feminised posturing, who was also acting like a bully and vandal…

‘And the mum and sister just let it happen? Parallels to real life are shrieking at me!’

In a blurb for the advert, John Lewis says ‘life is easier when you don’t have any worries’, before providing a link to its home insurance website. 

Others accused John Lewis of producing an advert ‘entirely reminiscent of sexualised imagery of woman

One user said the advert was ‘narcisstic, destructive, aggressive, and misogynist’

Viewers, though, have said the advert promotes male entitlement.

Another tweet said: ‘Watched the John Lewis advert that people are talking about. Looks like male entitlement in a dress and make-up to me. We’ve been here before, haven’t we?’

However, some have suggested that many are overreacting to the advert and urged people to ‘stop moaning’.

One person said: ‘Goold old free markets. If you don’t like, switch over. If you disagree, don’t shop. 

‘This is coming from a 35 year old man who used to flounce about in my mums gear dancing to Kylie aged 5. It’s nothing new.’ 

Not all users were tweeting allegations, though, with some taking to the social media platform to defend the advert

Offended viewers accuse John Lewis of ‘sexism, and gender ideology’ in new home insurance advert

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