Millions risk missing MOT renewal dates and invalidating their car insurance – Birmingham Live

Millions risk missing MOT renewal dates and invalidating their car insurance - Birmingham Live

You only have to get an MOT once a year – if, like most of us, your car is over three years old.

Yet a shocking 7.1 million people missed their MOT renewal before Covid and initial findings show that the rates could be even higher this year, with confusion over when the government’s extension closed after lockdown.

It’s so easy to get mixed up, but the consequences could be disastrous as you are putting other road users at risk if your car is not up to scratch.

It’s no wonder that the MOT fines are so steep for missing the date – up to £2,500 if your car is classified as dangerous when it is tested. It’s £1,000 otherwise.

Driving without a valid MOT also invalidates your insurance – which could be even more costly if you do end up having an accident, with no third party cover if you do injure someone leaving your personal liability unlimited.

Thankfully the CarCloud app has launched with a brilliant feature which reminds you when your MOT is due.

All you have to do is enter your car registration and email address and away you go.

CarCloud is free to use and the MOT reminder just one of many great features to help take the hassle out of owning a car by keeping all your driving documents on your phone.

It can also get you an insurance quote from 115 companies in minutes.

No wonder CarCloud is telling everyone: “We’re the answer to everything but the driving!”

Boost for Birmingham drivers

Clean Air Zone signs are in place around Birmingham

It’s a great bonus for West Midlands drivers who are busy grappling with the effects of the Birmingham Clean Air Zone which launched earlier this month.

Drivers can be charged £8 a day for entering the city centre zone if their car is classed as one of the most polluting vehicles. CAZ was launched in response to air pollution being declared a national health emergency which contributes to between 28,000 and 36,000 premature deaths across the UK every year through conditions such as cancer, heart and lung disease.

The alarming statistics on air pollution caused by cars further serve to remind us of how important it is for us to ensure their MOT is up-to-date, and CarCloud is here to help.

The launch of the app launch is also timely with many of us using our cars more often for staycations, drive-in events and to avoid public transport with Covid still lurking.

Our cars are providing us with that personal space and extra security to protect us against the virus so it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re on top of all the legal requirements that come with owning one, so get all the help you need from CarCloud.

All about CarCloud – your car on your phone

Using the latest technology the CarCloud app is revolutionising car ownership, putting motorists back in the driving seat – managing everything from the palm of their hands.

Keeping up to date with key dates on MOTs. car tax and car insurance is just the start of the journey.

CarCloud can save you time by getting insurance quotes from 115 companies in minutes.

It can save you money too – by telling you the best dates to get the best rates.

It keeps all your documents in one place, where you can access them at any time, anywhere.

And being paperless means it’s helping with our sustainability goals too.

You can ‘park’ up to three cars in your CarCloud garage – so it’s great to keep on top of all the car details for your other half and the children.

So what are you waiting for? Download the CarCloud app right here right now – it’s free and takes just a few seconds to register with your car registration number and email address.

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