Kokua Line: Can a driver with a bad record get car insurance? | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Kokua Line: Can a driver with a bad record get car insurance? | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Question: Regarding proof of insurance (808ne.ws/525kline), what if you can’t get it because of your driving record?

Answer: If you have shopped around and been denied auto insurance coverage, you can apply for coverage through the Hawaii Joint Underwriting Plan, which “insures drivers who are unable to secure insurance from a licensed company or have multiple accidents or traffic convictions,” according to the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Expect to pay more than a driver with a clean record.

“The HJUP is a risk- pooling arrangement in which all Hawaii motor vehicle insurers must participate. Coverage options meet state requirements and are the same offered to other drivers, but may cost more than the standard market. Consumers may apply through any agent of an insurance company licensed to sell motor vehicle insurance in the state,” the DCCA’s Insurance Division says on its website, which goes on to explain that applications are funneled through three authorized carriers.

Insurance is required to drive legally in Hawaii. For drivers with clean or mostly clean records (one speeding conviction), the Insurance Division posts premium comparisons at cca.hawaii.gov/ins/resources. The most recent Motor Vehicle Premium Comparison Guide lists sample premiums from dozens of insurance companies as of Dec. 1, 2020.

The guide emphasizes that a customer’s actual premiums might vary from the samples, depending on several factors, including their driving record, annual mileage and how they use the vehicle. This raises an interesting point: The insurance premium for a vehicle regularly driven to and from work may be 15% to 25% higher than for one driven for pleasure, the guide says (the sample premiums are based on pleasure use). Hawaii residents who formerly drove to work but permanently work from home now — not uncommon since the pandemic — might want to check with their insurance company about a lower premium.

Q: How old do you have to be to get a commercial driver’s license?

A: At least 21, although you can apply for a CDL permit at age 18, according to Honolulu County’s Department of Customer Services. Read more on the department’s website, at 808ne.ws/cdl.

Q: Where can we see HPD’s arrest logs? They supposed to be public, right?

A: Yes, the Honolulu Police Department posts arrest logs at honolulupd.org/information/arrest-logs. These brief daily reports name the arrested person, their alleged offense and other details about their arrest and processing. The online logs date back about two weeks.

Q: When we registered our kids for Summer Fun, masks were optional. Now they’re going to be required indoors. My kids need a break from this. Can we get our money back?

A: Yes. “Full refunds will be made available to parents who wish to remove their keiki from Summer Fun as a result of this policy change,” the Department of Parks and Recreation said Tuesday in a news release. Contact parks staff at the Summer Fun site(s) your children are registered to attend, it said. The Oahu day camp is scheduled to begin June 6.

A belated mahalo to Alex and Lynn for their help on Easter. I was returning home from an outdoor Easter and birthday gathering with family and noticed that my tire light was on, i.e., it needed air. So I stopped at a gas station in Kahala and attempted to use its air pump, which I couldn’t get to work. On top of this, I have long COVID-19, and my “energy envelope” for the day was almost close to empty, meaning that trying to fill up the tire exhausted me even more. Fortunately, Alex and Lynn came along on their mopeds and offered to help. Alex was able to pump up the tires. I was so grateful for their help and had enough energy to drive home. — Grateful Long-Hauler

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