Hunter Biden Claimed He Didn’t Know His Baby’s Mama – Turns Out She Was On His Company’s Health Insurance Plan

Hunter Biden Claimed He Didn't Know His Baby's Mama - Turns Out She Was On His Company's Health Insurance Plan

Hunter Biden claimed he didn’t remember his baby’s mama – now it turns out she was on his company’s health insurance plan and he sent a text ordering she be taken off of insurance.

The Daily Mail released another Hunter Biden story today.  It turns out Hunter did know his baby’s mama and he had her kicked off of his company’s insurance plan after she got pregnant.

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Hunter Biden claimed he had ‘no recollection’ of the Arkansas woman who bore his child – but texts reveal that she worked for him, and that she told him about the pregnancy in 2018.

The bombshell messages also show that just three months after Lunden Roberts gave birth to their baby girl, Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter asked his assistant to make sure that the new mother had been kicked off his company’s health insurance plan.

The texts are on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, obtained and exclusively verified by

What a creep.  In the first text at The Daily Mail, the baby’s momma, Lunden Roberts tried to reach Hunter multiple times but Hunter would not respond:

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Then in the second set of texts from Hunter’s laptop, Hunter text his assistant Katie Dodge and requested that Dodge ensure the baby’s mama, Roberts, was no longer on his company’s payroll.

The Daily Mail went on to note that in his memoir, Beautiful Things, Hunter referred to Lunden as ‘the woman from Arkansas’ and claimed he had ‘no recollection of our encounter’.  This appears to be another Biden lie as he obviously knew her which is why he wanted her kicked off his company’s payroll.  

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