Homeowners Insurance Rates Soaring In South Florida – CBS Miami

Homeowners Insurance Rates Soaring In South Florida – CBS Miami

LIGHTHOUSE POINT (CBSMiami) — With a background in forensic accounting, Mayor Glenn Troast helps to hold the line on taxes in the city of Lighthouse Point in Northeast Broward County.  

But what the mayor can’t control is the skyrocketing home insurance rates his residents and all South Florida communities are experiencing.  

“My windstorm is $4,000, and I’ve been told it’s going up ten percent, so that’s $400. That’s not an insignificant amount,” he said.

Troast says once a year he does an annual inspection on his 53-year-old home.  

He is installing impact windows. “It’s proven helpful with Citizens, so if they ever have any questions, I have proof of maintenance,” he said.

That diligence is recommended according to Nicole Coppock, who is president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Broward.  

Coppock agrees these are very challenging times for homeowners with insurance rates rising 30 percent and more for some homeowners.  

Coppock said there are a number of reasons for the spike including the hurricane risk, reinsurance rates and fraud.  

“I would say the main factors are bad actors in the industry that have manipulated the claims process to their benefit,” she says.  

According to Coppock, the insurance industry took a $21 billion loss last year because of excessive claims.

Even Coppock herself has experienced the hike. She said her homeowner’s insurance is increasing by about $1,000 this year.

She said insurance companies are pulling out of the state and homeowners should stick with their current policy because getting a new insurer is difficult.  

She urges homeowners to talk to their agents to see if it’s possible to reduce premiums, either through higher deductibles or modifying coverage when possible.

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