Episode 2. How to Get Affordable Freelancer Health Insurance

Episode 2. How to Get Affordable Freelancer Health Insurance

Self-Employed Health Insurance With Opolis

Opolis’ goal is to offer freelancers the independence they seek while also providing them access to affordable quality health insurance.

In this post, we recap a conversation with Eddie Pastore, Opolis Co-Founder, who shares Eddie shares how Opolis reimagines healthcare benefits for the self-employed.

“Insurance is the least important thing until it’s the most important thing.”

– Eddie Pastor, Opolis Co-Founder 

A Bit About Opolis

If you’re wondering what Opolis is, it’s a decentralized employment organization that provides Unemployables — independent workers, freelancers, or self-employed individuals — the accounting, payroll, insurance, and other administrative services they need.

With Opolis, freelancers can focus on honing their craft, growing their business, and enjoying the perks of being independent workers, while remaining compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Health Insurance for Freelancers

Generally, employer-sponsored health plans are more affordable than freelancer healthcare because companies contribute to their employees’ health insurance and medical costs.

Meanwhile, freelancers and independent workers need to shoulder the full costs of their health insurance.

To have access to healthcare, freelancers usually have the following options:

  • Join their spouse’s health insurance
  • Remain on their parent’s insurance if under the age of 26
  • Purchase a plan via the insurance marketplace or state exchanges
  • Medicaid for those who meet the federal poverty guidelines

According to Eddie, the primary option for freelancers is the state exchanges set up after the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was ratified. However, their networks are limited, some are age banded, and depending on your income, might not be that affordable.

The only other option is emergency insurance, which isn’t very affordable either.

There are also those who don’t get any coverage, which is, of course, a big gamble.

Health Insurance With Opolis

At Opolis, health insurance is one of the many benefits members can enjoy.

A freelancer who gets their healthcare benefits through Opolis can expect to spend $299 on a basic plan with good coverage. 

What makes Opolis health insurance great is that:

  • It isn’t age-banded (age does not affect insurance costs).
  • It eliminates the need for primary care physician referrals so policyholders can go to a specialist doctor directly.
  • There are several options designed to meet different needs.
  • The rates are competitive and better than private insurance.

To get the best rates for self-employed health insurance, Opolis offers excellent options.

You can watch the full episode on self-employed health insurance and more on Opolis.co/podcast.

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