CONFIRMED: The health insurance policy for the Florida Democratic Party DID lapse leaving one person with $50K in medical bills –

CONFIRMED: The health insurance policy for the Florida Democratic Party DID lapse leaving one person with $50K in medical bills –

Yes its true.

And from what I hear the situation is much worse than this, with many staffers having lost their health care in December bc bill was not paid.

— Peter Schorsch (@PeterSchorschFL) January 31, 2021

. . .it’s now been confirmed by Politico’s Matt Dixon, leaving staffers “f***ing livid” and some with thousands in bills:

.@FlaDems‘ employee insurance plan lapsed in Nov. and staff was not told

A staffer got surgery thinking they were covered and got stuck with $50k in medical bills they could not pay

Another was stuck w/thousands in bills

“Not one person has called”

Sure, we should put Dems in charge of all our health care. What could go wrong?

I’m furious for these staffers and the state of our party. Some are close friends of mine and I watched as they worked hard and with dedication every single day. They didn’t deserve to be uninsured with no notice from their employer in a pandemic!

— Sabrina Javellana (@jvellana) February 2, 2021

Manny Diaz, who was recently sworn in as party chair, vowed all the claims will be paid:

New party chair @Manny_A_Diaz told us today that this week he is retroactively reinstating the party’s insurance plan and paying claims that were denied in December and January

“The claims will be paid,” he said in an interview Monday afternoon. “Everyone will be paid.”

— Matt Dixon (@Mdixon55) February 1, 2021

What’s worse is that these staffers didn’t find out from party leaders but from the insurance company:

We talked to 8 current and former staffers who say they were blindsided when they found out they had no insurance through @FlaDems

Several said they learned from this Jan. 7 letter from Florida Blue, not their employer

It was sent more than a month after plan lapsed

Apparently, it was a mix-up of some sort and there was a “delay in the check being applied” because health insurance companies are notorious for not cashing premium checks?

Former FDP Chair Rizzo sent this last night at 11:25 pm, 16 hours after we reached out and after the story published.

Says insurance lapsing was a mix-up she is only recently learning about

(earlier tweet deleted due to typo)

— Matt Dixon (@Mdixon55) February 2, 2021

Anyway, the next time Dems say Florida could be a blue state, please remember this. Lol:

People ask how it’s possible that Democrats in Florida – a state with more registered D’s than R’s – have not managed to unseat a single Republican from statewide office in more than three decades.

⇩⇩ This is part of it ⇩⇩

— Scott Maxwell (@Scott_Maxwell) February 2, 2021


WELP! It looks like the Florida Democratic Party is going to need another PPP loan

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