Allstate’s Shady Claims Handling Practices

You Are Not In Good Hands With Allstate.

Allstate is famous for shady practices that fail to protect its policyholders or cheat the policyholders themselves. Delay, deny and defend claims. Allstate consistently and unreasonably delays paying claims an average of 2 years to get policyholders to give up. They totally deny valid claims or offers a lower amount than what should actually be paid, and unfairly defends claims that should have simply been paid or settled.

Allstate’s program to cheat policyholders and boost its profits. This bad conduct is not by accident; instead, it is an intentional program by Allstate to increase its profits without considering the merits of a claim. Allstate hired the New York consulting firm McKinsey & Company to design this shady program for them. Allstate Corporation is the third-largest personal lines insurer in the United States. It is the largest publicly-held personal lines insurer. Allstate was reported over 50,000,000,000 in revenue in 2021.

This kind of thing goes on throughout the insurance industry what do you think we should do?


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