5 ways to save on your car insurance | belairdirect blog

5 ways to save on your car insurance | belairdirect blog

5 ways to save on your car insurance

Are you a driver who thinks there’s no way to save on your car insurance premium? Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are five quick tips that well help you spend less on the insurance you really need.

1.     Your car can help you save

The model of car you’re looking to insure factors into the calculation of the cost of the premium. If you own a rare sports car that’s at higher risk of being stolen, your insurance is certainly likely to cost you more. Opt instead for a car that’s smaller, older or more fuel efficient to reduce the cost of your premium. The planet — and your wallet — will thank you.

2.     Think anti-theft

Whatever the vehicle, insurers will usually apply a reduction to your premium if you install an approved anti-theft, anti-starter or tracking system. Your insurer can help give you more information about accepted anti-theft products. Everyone wins, except thieves.

3.     Weigh your options

Shop around for insurers in order to find out who offers the best premium. This process will also allow you to get to know the insurance on offer in your market. It could be that the price offered by an insurer changes from one year to the next, depending on what programs are available at the time. Sometimes, it’s as simple as contacting your insurer and asking for a reduction on your premium.

4.     Get a tailor-made policy

Before buying, evaluate which protections best correspond to your needs. If a certain protection seems superfluous, ask your insurer to remove it from your policy. Always remember that the more protections you have, the more your policy will cost. Also, consider the kilometers you put on your vehicle annually. The less you roll, the less you’ll pay.

5.     Drive safely

More and more insurers offer rebates for “good drivers”, rewarding those who haven’t made a single claim over a number of years. Certain companies also give you the opportunity to use a program that analyzes your driving data. Our automerit program is a good example. These simple and easy methods won’t just help you save money, they’ll also contribute to better road safety. Driving safer to save money? We couldn’t agree more.

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