Our Mission Is To Help You

My name is Mark Hanley and I created I Hate Insurance Companies because I want to help you learn how to WIN when it come to INSURANCE. I learned the hard way what insurance companies are suppose to do and what they really do. 

How did I learn this lesson? I have had 2 house fires, 3 car wrecks from people hitting me in my life. I thought I have insurance, the people that hit me in my car had insurance I have nothing to worry about right! That was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life! 

The facts was the 2 house fire cost me the price of a HOUSE and YEARS not months fighting with the insurance company to get all my money they owed me. 

Now that I lived thought all those bad things happening to me, and seeing that the insurance companies did not wanting to pay the claim, I got mad and went to war! I spent thousands of hours learn from my attorney friend and doing the work, and I learned how to fight the insurance company and WIN!

Now I want to teach you to win when  it comes to insurance!